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orn on a Sabbath Day in Melbourne a far-away land
Across the sea she flew, what a fright she must have had
Are we ready? My other half said: Yes, we've done the math
I prayed to God she'll like me as I waited with bated breath

n my arms she came and my heart she took a hold
Fair of face, a bundle of fur just fourteen weeks old
My heart over poured with a feeling of love
For this sweet little angel sent from Heaven above

doring gaze her dark-rimmed eyes would fix on me
Oh let's not forget the button nose that's cute as can be
I love it when her sliver of pink tongue gives me licks
Run of the house she has, everyday I look forward to her antics

aughty she can be! Refusing to come unless we have treats
Deficient in social graces she's not, delighting everyone she meets
When in trouble, wet kisses and a supplicant paw she'll proffer
As if that ain't enough to melt our hearts, she'll flop over!

an't help but give her belly rubs regardless the cause
What can I say?! She's got us wrapped around her paws
They say Sunday's child is bonny and blithe
Pretty, carefree, lighthearted that she sure is, AYE!

single trusting heart that gave devotion from the start
Daddy and Mummy for sure she can't live without
A promise we made to God, whatever she says goes
We're lucky to have this angel Heaven knows


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