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Casa Bianca!


Fairground Attraction
Fairground Attraction

Here's my very attractive girlfriend, Victoria Diane, from Oklahoma, USA.

Though we live some 8,000 miles apart, we sure have similar hobbies.

Visiting the PLAYGROUND is one!

Bianca at a playground in Singapore!
Bianca at a playground in Singapore!

Victoria Diane at a playground in Edmond,Oklahoma!
Victoria Diane at a playground in Edmond, Oklahoma!

Victoria Diane is known for the "sidewise" looks she gives.

Her mommie (Aunt Shirl) thinks she's being playful...

Victoria Diane & signature "sidewise" look
"Shucks! Mommie caught me looking at her out of the corner of my eye.
I ALWAYS do this, but up to this point, she has never successfully captured it
on camera.  She calls it the EVIL EYE... I wonder why J"






Now Victoria Diane tells me golf cart rides

are w-a-a-a-y MORE FUN than playground slides.

I wish I could hop on a golf cart too!

Victoria Diane with Linda McCollough of.....
Victoria Diane loves golf cart rides!
Precious Pets Cemetry (Spencer, Oklahoma)

Bianca checkin' out the slide!
Bianca checkin' out the slides!

Victoria Diane's intro by Aunt Shirl!!!!




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