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Hello Everyone,

My name is Sara, short for my registered name
Ch. Frelouie Quesara. I just turned 6 last month (DEC-2002).
I live with my hu-mum Eleanor, half-sister Pebbles, and niece
Bubbles (oh, and not forgetting my hu-mum's husband & son).

My hu-mum calls me 'the old lady' because I like to take things
slow-and-easy, unlike Pebbles, who is always rushin' about,
knocking into things. She's such a tomboy.

Me? I'm refined & elegant. I'm born to be a cover girl
as you can see from my photos. I enjoy nothing more than
a good spa treatment. None of those childish games like
"tumblin' over" for me please. No siree!

Uncle Ed by the way is the best masseur ever!
Oooh, that reminds me.... I gotta redeem my
*SPA CERTIFICATE* when I next meet Uncle Ed.


Me @ 2-yrs-old

Me @ 3-yrs-old

Me @ 6-yrs-old

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