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... my home on the information super-highway.

Casablanca, one of my Daddy's & Mummy's favorite
movies, was the inspiration for Casa Bianca!.
Incidentally, Casablanca is situated in northwest
Morocco; which isn't too far from the Canary Islands,
home of my ancestors.

In the early 1900s, Casablanca became a center of French influence in Africa. The French have had a great influence on the Bichon Frise breed too, having started a controlled breeding program after WWI. You can find out more about my ancestor's colorful history in Viva Bichon!

In Casa Bianca! you'll find a collection of pictures and stories featuring some of the highlights
of my life. Of course, a very big part of what makes life interesting and fun are *friends*,
and I am happy to share with you some photos of my pals.

So fix yourself a cocktail, sit back and enjoy your stay at Casa Bianca!

If you're visiting for the very first time,
you gotta start from where it all began....
when I was a teeny-weeny pup!

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